From Flames to Freedom: Faith Rides the Rails
From Flames to Freedom: Faith Rides the Rails


The World War II memoir, based on a Latvian girl’s diaries, recounts experiences from her sunny childhood on the Baltic Sea to being catapulted into the turmoil of the Soviet and Nazi occupations. She is an eyewitness as people are deported in cattle cars to Siberia and Jewish children are marched to their graves by Hitler’s SS men. Her childhood is engulfed in flames when her home and dreams turn to ashes and she becomes a refugee riding freight trains to Displaced Persons’ camps in Austria. Disguised as gypsies, the family flees to the British Zone to escape deportation to Siberia. Read more

Skaidrite Rita Sparks

About Skaidrite Rita Sparks

Skaidrite, better known as Rita, Sparks was born in Jelgava, Latvia coincidentally on the very day the Latvian President Kārlis Ulmanis proclaimed it as the “Day of Friendly Invitation” encouraging people to make contributions for the benefit of children and schools. Education, children’s welfare, and human rights became Rita’s lifelong quest.
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Excerpt from the Book

The little towhead was impatient... She did not understand why her people could not resist... Read more

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